Why User Research Is Important for startups and new businesses

UUser research is crucial in building products that are centered around people. It helps figure out what users really want, and deliver meaningful products and experiences that they will embrace. User research not just informs design, but it drives change. Companies that rigorously invest in user research will have a competitive advantage over the long run. Products without user research are unlikely to keep up with competition and change.

Octopus punches fish in the head —just because it can

U User research is one of the important components of Lean Startup, but it often gets overlooked or undervalued. We don't think that's very surprising. User research is hard work and requires discipline. It also doesn't have an immediate visible impact on the product or the bottom line. It takes time to conduct user research, write reports, discuss findings with the team and figure out the next steps.

If you don't have a dedicated UX researcher in your company, you will most likely have to fill his or her shoes and take over this important work yourself. The good news is that you can greatly benefit from understanding why user research matters or simply hire a company that can do the job for you like www.mydfconsultancy.co.uk

Assuming that your startup isn't pre-revenue, user research can be a significant expense for you. You will just have to weigh the cost of not conducting research against the long-term benefits that those insights will bring.

New businesses also have to think about user research as an investment. Even if a product is being built based on assumptions ( it "feels right" or something like that) and not on direct user feedback, it's still critically important to understand how people are behaving and what they value most in your product (or service).

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